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Grasp is a Data Translation Service. Companies across and within a multitude of industries, who have data to communicate, can benefit through the use of our products.

Every product is aimed at completing a manageable, yet often dreaded task of taking an input of complex data and processing it to provide an output in simple, written language. The result is adjustable depending on the communication objective and the preferred tone of the targeted end-consumer.

We assist in providing end-consumers with an assured confidence through minimising the margin for human bias and improving the credibility of the output.


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how is it done?

the DaTS Process


our new product in the financial services category

Retail Investments

Our retail Investment product assists both professional and non-professional investors with understanding their investment data. We have created a template report that includes all the components of comprehensive communication on the activities and performance of the portfolio of a retail investor.


This template is used as a basis for the creation of a fully personalised investment report, in simple written language using the investor's own data. The communication tone is adjusted to meet your objectives.

more product 


coming soon

Data, in your language.


benefits for

your organisation


Using our service will assist in optimising resource allocation and decrease expenditure.

Thus, ensuring less time spent interpreting complex data and more time on activities that add real value.


We ensure an improvement in strategic decision-making.

By representing data that is in simple, written language, both internal and external end-consumers are provided with a clearer understanding. Therefore, communication objectives are more likely to be met.

benefits for

your end-consumer


The output is in simple, written language regardless of how complex your data input.

So whether the report is detailed and thorough, or
basic and short, the output will always be in simple, written language. 


We bridge the gap between data and industry-specific literacy.

Through the use of our service, you can effectively communicate with experts and non-experts alike.


We ensure increased objectivity through a minimised room for human bias and a reduced risk of misinterpreted data.

Because there is little to no human involvement in the translation process. Therefore, the risk of consumer dissatisfaction is lowered sufficiently.

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